Saturday, 9 July 2011

English Week .

Seminggu program English Week berjalan . Dari 4rd until 8th July . Setiap hari ada contest dijalankan .

Monday with Word Puzzle .
Tuesday with Public Speaking .
Wednesday with Singging .
Thursday with Debates .
and Friday with writing Poetry and Essay .

Ina , Kiko , Khai , Acap and me being selected for Public Speaking . Okay aku mulanya okay lah and sahut cabaran tuu . Haha . dah sampai kat Hall which is ade stage semua and all lecturer also students under UiTM and UTM will watch the contested aku terus gigil and tarik diri . Tapi tak boleh . Tiba je hari selasa aku memang tak daftar la nama aku en en en . Benda kalau seminggu sebelum English Week berlangsung aku boleh prepare awal-awal untuk berlatih speaking tapi Lect bagitahu hari Khamis , and minggu depan kena bertanding . Memang last minute laa .

Aku ada masuk competition writing Poetry and Essay and i got 1st runner up in Writing Poetry . Aku terkejut gila aku menang ? Hah ? Hah ? Layak kah ? wahahauuuuuu ~

So here's the Poetry :)

Fahter and Daughter .
Dear Dad ,
Hear my voice ,
I'm calling you "AYAH" with lots of love ,
You come and holding me high of the ground .

Dear Dad ,
Thank You for raising me with good education ,
Thank You for teach me about religion and tact ,
Thank You for your responsible towards me .
and the Most , Thank You for all the money .

Dear Dad ,
A daughter needs Daddy ,
Thank You for being there ,
When I was a young girl , you always buy me a chocolate ,
And now I'm 18 years old ,
I remembered those memory ,
I want to say that , "There's nothing awesome thing in this world than your attention to me" .

Dear Dad ,
"ARSAD" , your name always be in my last name ,
I always love you and always pray for your healthy .

*this weekend tidur rumah Izzaty (roomate) . That all , baibai .


Anonymous said...

oi doll...aku pon besarkan ko gak...x mention nama aku pon...jgn lupa daratan ok.....

wawa meiko said...

ALANG ; ofcozzzz la gua engat dkt ang . kiki . Ohh Ohh , bwk2 la pk dua tiga kali nk menetap didisni wehhh . apa pun tak ada