Monday, 24 January 2011

HIM . grrr !

With the hope of , im congratulation youu with your happiness moment with me before
( If i was make youu happy ) . Im share the happiness with the hope of feeling your smile of cheerfullness .

Today evening ,
I dailed your NUMBER PHONE!
Happily i called youu ,
You reject my call , then i try again ,
You reject again! I was shock! In my mind, "what wrong ?"
Then i call again again and again , you still rejected all my calls . But why ?

I was dissapointed ,
When rather than your hoarse voice ,
A different voice said ,
" people you are calling , is not answering . Please . . . . "
I hung up with a faded hope :'(

Still , i don't know ,
Did you ignore it knowing that it was me ?
But why ?
You don't think , it was necessary ?

Im hoping that tonight , or tomorrow morning you will reply my calls , and my messagges . Like you always did to me every day ? Im fell weird , why you reject my call ? It is cause "theres no coverage in you place ?" but why i can call you and your phone was active and the messagges was delivered ? Im waiting for you respon and your reasonable reason .

Seriusly , you make me feels that , its nothing i given you second chance . Oh Allah!


naz said...

bang bang bang. sakit nya haha

wawaZIBANG said...

Kau gelak ea Naz , belasah nanti =="

Anonymous said...

malu la ko tulis camtu....

wawaZIBANG said...

Kehkeh , biasa ar .