Monday, 22 April 2013

Semester break

Seem like i will be active with blogger world back? Is that really nescessary? Hahaha. Hilangkan bosan boleh lah. I'm in semester break now. Starts 18th April last week. Its been a long time ive didnt come back hometown, i dont know why. Lupa daratan kawan-kawan aku cakap. They dont know what bothering me. I'm all alone stand by my own in Ipoh. Nobody can interrupt while i need to be alone. Okay dah.....

I will be in here, Johor Baharu, spending my whole semester break with my sister until her posting letter been approved by the gomen. Cehh. She will be in Ipoh by June or by this year, i guess. And like usual i love being a babysitter to my two little cute niece, Nur Alesya and Nur Alia. Im going to take care of them while my sister working. Nasib yg sorang tu dah sekolah darjah satu tadelah Maksue mengekek nak jaga. Ulalala.

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