Sunday, 26 September 2010


Kiwi, Apple,Orange && Apple <3

Have been read this comic ? I swear this comic awesome dude ! Ehee . I wonder how Ben created all character on this comic . Orange, Kiwi, Apple & Lemon has diffrents character that we cant expect to created about it . Ben, jom berkenalan berkenalan ? Haha . I know this novel since im in form3 . Yes, masa nk PMR tuh berjinak jinak dlm comics . Haha . That time im only know Le.Gardenie part 3 . Yg time party rumah Lemon tuu . After that, i feel this comic was interesting ! Then i search Le.Gardenie from part one stories at all bookstore in the world . Haha . Tadelah .

Lets enjoy the characters from this comics :)

Orange ; The main protagonist of the series . He is a shy 15-year old boy . He & his parents live in the bottom part of conjoined house (atas, tengah, bawah ade rumah org laen) with Kiwi & her mother as their upstairs neigbour . He is Kiwi's chilhood friend & classmate . He has crush on Apple :) He is oblivious to his surrounding & naive, so he is constantly & being tricked & used by Lemon . grrrrr .

Kiwi ; She is 15-year old tomboy who lives with her mother since her father passedway when Kiwi was child . She is protective of Orange to the point of beating up people who bully him . She has a bitter rivaly Lemon . Kiwi gets expelled instead of Orange, as a result of Lemon's plan to steal the school funds by hidding them in Orange locker, to keep him from being framed .

Apple ; Oranges minat (tetibe bahsa melayu . Haha) . She is portrayed as a pleasant girl & good student, active in curricular activities, & listening to music in her free time . She tends to stay out from Lemon's plan , but when she was involved in Lemon 'called' party (Lemon invites her for trap) . She become close to Orange & realised that she had feeling towards Orange .

Lemon ; A 14-year old girl & the most antagonist in this story . She comes from a very whealty family & portrayed as the 'Glamour Queen' in the school . She makes people live miserable,espesially other student who questions her authority . She regards Orange as her pet & used him as a tool to make others lives miserable . She is the granddaughter of the shcool's principle . Does not hesitate to use the relationship to her advantage (suka hati dia jehh -,-)

From the beginning of the story, i like the way Kiwi are . She's slumber, gamble, rock, dont care, no feels, hate gediks, like me . HAHA :P The story had not finish yet . Will buy next chapter . Woot Woot(!)


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