Wednesday, 23 June 2010

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Dear blogger, to you I release my tension . To you I write my story . Sad && Happy stories .

Lately, I had fight with my very closed relation . Which is, only me know . Hmm, I got bad result for math before . Then I had fight with her . I dont know where im wrong . I am wrong ? I just didnt attend my Account class last two days . I had my migraine badly :( I didnt tell her . Then she know's I didnt come to Accounts class . She calls me then &%&$#%% She didnt pick me up && I slept at my friend house . Thank God my friend there . I didnt do wrong! How could she! Only onee I can stand until my SPM paper . After SPM, i will get out from the house! That what you want . Thanks . I will prove it to you one day I can live without YOU!


naz said...

babe are u ok? i dont want talk more. cos ths is about ur parents.

wawa said...

Huu . Naz . I dun noe lah how to describe .
I rasa kosong .

Nolee Zahari said...

wish u be okay..